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Confidex is the world’s leading supplier of smart mobility and wireless technology solutions.

Data to Knowledge – Confidex enables Industrial Digitalization

Confidex is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performing contactless smart tickets, modular industrial-grade beacons, RFID and NFC tags and specialty labels – the key enablers for short-range wireless IoT solutions that make industrial supply chains, transactions, asset tracking and authentication of goods more efficient and secure.

Over a decade in IoT

With strong combination of tag design competence, RF engineering, customization and manufacturing experience, the company’s products and solutions serve demanding operating environments, like automotive industry, logistics and public transport. Since 2005 Confidex has become the trusted partner for system integrators and end users of INDUSTRY 4.0 technologies throughout the world.

Global presence

With Confidex’s global network of partners, we serve customers representing a broad range of industries in Europe, Americas, Middle-East and Asia Pacific. Among our partners and customers, we are known from our passion to excel.


Confidex’s mission is to be the industry’s leading provider of wireless technology solutions, which improve and enhance the quality of life and the environment.

Confidex is a fast growing and internationally operating Finnish company with production facilities in China. Confidex boasts a unique combination of world-leading modular tag and ticket design expertise and RF engineering, materials and manufacturing experience. The high performance and quality of the company’s products and operations is its key competitive differentiator. It is a basis for success that can be created only through experience and knowledge. Confidex is also dedicated to gaining a total understanding of customer’s requirements, no matter how complex.

Confidex designs special industrial-grade wireless products for applications for which standard products are not suitable. Smart manufacturing, logistics and industrial authentication applications are typical segments where the bar for system requirements and quality for the tags is set high, and performance cannot be compromised.

High volume delivery capability with uncompromised quality for RFID tickets is a pre-requisite for Confidex to support public transport operators with their automated fare collection applications.



Confidex offers personalized ready-to-use fare media and smart ticketing applications, addressing the markets of Public Transportation and Access Control. Today we have delivered over half a billion smart tickets to the market.

Confidex smart ticketing portfolio includes a wide range of ticketing formats for variable applications specializing in cost efficient solutions, high quality and functionality.

Innovation, high quality products and turnkey industry solutions have made Confidex the leading supplier of contactless smart tickets globally, producing 15 million tickets per month.

Confidex contactless smart tickets have been specially designed for large scale ticketing applications in public transport, access control and parking. With advanced materials and proven in-house large volume production technology they offer a cost efficient and durable ticket media with high use of comfort. High reliability together with different security and memory capabilities Confidex contactless smart tickets enable operators to reduce cost, generate new revenues, and innovate new services.

While the worldwide demand for smart cards and contactless ticketing solutions continues to grow, we are pleased to offer the widest range of capabilities to meet the requirements of today’s Smart Mobility applications:

  • Contactless smart tickets for public transportation
  • Smart keys and visitor badges for hotel, estate, site or office access
  • Contactless event or tourist tickets
  • Ski passes
  • Personal identification e.g. citizen cards, membership cards, student cards
  • e-money and pre-paid cards
  • Contactless parking tickets.


Confidex RFID tags and labels combine high mechanical quality with solid and consistent RF performance, along with features requested by our customers.

Together with our technology partners we build value-adding solutions for asset management and authentication – applicable in manufacturing, construction, transportation, supply chain management and many other industries. Today, over 60 million assets are equipped with Confidex tags and labels.

Confidex serves various industries in need of reliable RFID, NFC or Bluetooth® products.

Our Smart Mobility services supply fare media for Public Transport operators.

The company’s products are suitable for:

·         Aviation – Solutions for the real-time airport

·         Access Control – Secure contactless ticket and access pass solutions for buildings and attractions

·         Manufacturing – Help industries to optimize and automate their production, supply chain management, component tracking and distribution

·         Pulp, Paper & Packaging – Smart solutions for pulp logistics or managing goods in the packing industry

·         Pooling & Cargo – The lifecycle of the Returnable Transit Item can be long, and the RTI can be used in all types of weather conditions. Confidex RFID tags are robust and durable – designed and tested to meet the environmental challenges with the RTI or cargo.

·         Post & Parcel – RFID applications to track and trace goods from supplier to customers have become standard in around-the-clock logistics operations.

·         Public Transport – Smart Mobility solutions provided for more than 100 major cities with millions of users. Confidex offers a turnkey industry solution that is fully compatible with each ticketing infrastructure and includes a ready-to-use, personalized fare media with flexible delivery services.

·         Construction – Visible assets and operations in real-time

·         Smart City Utilities – Smart Cities are built with various networks and equipment, like cable & sewer, as well as with tools and services. To manage this complexity and to track assets reliably, Confidex offers high-quality wireless identification products for indoor and outdoor use.



Innovation is embedded in the core of the company values, and the need to understand the customers’ needs and requirements is in Confidex’s DNA. The aim is to lead the industry by continuously developing performance and skills. Confidex is working with the key industry consortiums to further develop RFID technology to meet the demands of the new connected world. As an example, Confidex is a member of the RAIN industry alliance whose purpose is to promote various RFID initiatives and to accelerate UHF RFID growth and adoption in business and consumer applications worldwide.

§  To date, Confidex UHF RFID tags and labels have been used in many of the harshest industrial environments – including the demanding production conditions in automotive manufacturing, pulp and paper processing, as well as global supply chains.

§  Developing such RFID solutions has demanded special domain understanding, RF engineering, ingenious packaging design and materials knowhow. Typically, RFID tags have performed poorly near metal and moisture, but Confidex has created unique patent-pending RFID antenna technology, overcoming the limitations caused by the environment.


Contactless ticketing solutions using RFID – while being more robust and secure than traditional paper tickets and magnetic stripe technology – enable smooth passenger flows at mass transportation hubs or events. In addition, commuters benefit from improved product quality and safety of Confidex Smart Ticketing solutions.

§  Today’s complex and high-volume Smart Ticketing applications require a wide range of capabilities for personalization, ecology, efficiency and security. As a response to these, Confidex Smart Ticketing solutions combine product reliability, versatile customization services, environmentally friendly materials and secure production facilities.

§  Contactless smart tickets are a part of a complete system. Confidex smart tickets are certified by system integrators and industry organizations globally and we maintain close relationships with the IC vendors as well as with leading system integrators such as Cubic, Thales, ACS Xerox, VIX, Scheidt & Bachmann and Indra to continuously improve our products.

§  We pay special attention to the compliance of our tickets with the existing ticket vending machines (TVMs) at each stage, from designing to manufacturing and delivery. To ensure highest standards of quality, all process steps including inlay manufacturing, converting and personalization are done in-house