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ZephyrTel – Mobilogy

People today are completely reliant on their mobile devices – “smart phones”. These phones are often hyped up to be pocket-pcs, creating expectations that they should work perfectly all the time. Smart phones constantly evolve, new additional models and vendors enter the market, new facilities and features appear with each new model or software upgrade, leveraging the need for a good device health in almost a daily basis. It’s a monumental task. 

Mobilogy Solutions aim to a target audience of non-technicians, as well as technicians too, providing solutions “on-the-spot”, with large capabilities both on-line and off-line, covering a range of a multitude of professional retailers, providers, home users and enterprize organisations. As phone devices’ characteristics evolve, speed and convenience is key to providing a positive, full-feature, in-store or at-home customer experience.    


A fast, on-the-spot, accurate and reliable full feature, such as: 

  • Content Transfer
  • Back up
  • Restore
  • Diagnostics
  • Wipe
  • App Loader
  • Analytics

Below we will go through the most significant client-oriented solutions. 


A one-piece, portable, handy, versatile solution for increasing customer come back. Designed for a multi-purpose range, from retail stores, providers, support centers, vendor outlets or an at-home device, Touch 2 can be the solution, both for marketing and technical insights and service providing to end customers. 


A simple yet powerful software, Mobilogy Desktop is an actual “clone” to Mobilogy Touch 2, provided for any Microsoft OS computer, utilising and leveraging existing store’s infrastructure, in order to deliver the utmost of power and efficiency. Most important of all, all features are exactly the same between the two platforms, unifying all driven results into one capability.  


Three different types of management portals, all tailor-made for different needs. Mobilogy Analytics enable companies to monitor, manage, and access data collected automatically whenever the Mobilogy platform is in operation. It provides access to any and up-to-date service transaction information via a detailed dashboard, online reports downloadable on-demand, and scheduled reports. It is designed to provide visibility via detailed and accurate data, to improve all levels of decision making. 

  • Analytics deliver real-time reporting with up-to-the-minute statistics, monitored via a detailed dashboard and generates scheduled reports exported to your system. A way to immediately identify inefficiencies, so you can take action before they impact your bottom line. 
  • Analytics can give you full access on the sales line: discover which stores are performing and which aren’t, drill-down into the activities of a single mobile device or model, and gives you all relevant operational insights.  


Designed to be used by non-technicians, Mobilogy Diagnostics feature two customizable test flows with over 180 software/hardware tests, a number of device-specified repair procedures and ‘Big Data’ analyses, to enable fast, real time identification and resolution of mobile device problems. 

This is the most efficient way for retailers, operators and end-clients to keep phones healthy, so that phone owners remain happy during a low-cost solution. Thus, operational costs and the need to send phones to repair centers is significantly reduced. Usually, these solutions can be used at the follwing end-user points: 

  • At retail store: Mobilogy Touch 2 and Mobilogy Desktop can be used by store representatives in retail stores
  • At home: The Mobilogy solution is designed for use by IT teams at enterprise organisations. 


  • Diagnose and resolve issues for more than 3000 Android and iOS devices, either self-care, online, in-store, in-house and repair center channels. 
  • Hardware tests include:
    a) On-device battery tests
    b) Connectivity tests
    c) Malware detection and removal
    d) Hardware tests
    e) Performance tests
    f) Identification and removal of crashed, unresponsive, battery-draining apps 
  • Mobilogy Diagnostics offer extensive customization and integration capabilities, including integration with ERP systems, and use of APIs enabling diagnostics to run underneath your branded interface. 
  • Continuous optimization of the diagnostic testing interface and accuracy, using Mobilogy’s large data base information.
  • In full cooperation with Mobilogy Analytics so as to provide maximum visibility across the entire operation, using dynamic reports and detailed dash-boards.

Mobilogy Solutions have been used by over 100 carriers worldwide in 75,000 retail outlets, and by hundreds of global enterprises.

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