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HR Services for candidates

Our team at Whitesteps is focused in offering continuous career consultation to you so that you can grow professionally. We are here for you long term, working hard to make your pursuit of employment charming and fruitful, yet in addition offering you on-going support in the future. We will not go away once we have gotten you in our payroll or in our Client’s payroll and we will be there for you when you choose to look for another job or your next steps.

As we recruit internationally, we understand your needs as a job seeker and the difficulties that you may incur along the way, especially when you have to relocate. Whitesteps is there to be the connection between you and your future colleagues. We make the effort to become acquainted with our customers and applicants on a personal level, guaranteeing we can put you in a job and an organization where you will be able to excel, flourish and where you can be happy. We will be here to advise, consult, direct and guide you through each step of your adventure and our relationship begins from when you initially present your CV to us.

The following is a blueprint of what happens once you register.

Becoming more acquainted with You

When you have enrolled on our site, one of our Selection Specialists will be in contact with you to organize a meeting. In these initial discussions, our goal will be to become more acquainted with you and your own prerequisites. We will tune into and learn about your experience, motivation, needs and aspirations with the aim of knowing precisely what you are searching for at this phase of your career and where you might want to end up in future. Establishing the frameworks of our relationship like this implies we have all the data that is necessary to enable us to secure your ideal position.

CV Optimization

We will work through your CV with you, ensuring that we understand all aspects of your experience and how it can work in your favor to support you. We will at that point help you to improve your CV, making it as appealing as possible, covering everything from designing to concentrating on your most relevant experiences. Along the way we will guarantee that your CV stands out from the crowd, giving you the best chance of securing that all important first interview, where you are given the chance to impress.


We never send your CV to a business without your authorization and we will examine all vacancies in detail with you, informing you concerning the organizational culture and how a specific job can fit into your long and short-term professional endeavors. We work hard to ensure that we only propose you for roles that match your skills, personality, and expectations, as we believe in building long term relationships that are mutually beneficial for employers and candidates. Whitesteps will confirm your genuine interest in a vacancy before submitting your CV, along with our personal recommendation.

Prepping Time

Once our client is happy with your proposal and wants to move forward with you, you will have the opportunity to meet with them. We will then prep you in order to guarantee that you will be completely prepared by the time of your arranged meeting. After the meeting, we will request feedback from both you and our client so that we can plan our next steps. On the chance that you are given an offer, we will keep on guiding you through the entire process, covering everything from managing contracts to leaving your present job (in the case that you have one). In case your interview was not successful, we will give you constructive feedback and we will continue proposing other suitable roles to you. In any case, we are committed to you and your needs.