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There is one major Scrap Buyer in Macedonia: Makstil AD was established in 1997 upon privatization and reconstruction of the former Mines and Iron & Steelworks Skopje (founded in 1967) as an integrated producer of flat rolled products such as: hot rolled plates, hot rolled coils, cold rolled strips and sheets, galvanized strips and sheets and pre-painted coated strips and sheets with annual production of about 1.200.000 MT of finished products. During the mid 90s the various production units were divided into 10 independent entities pursuant to the decision of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. As an independent entity out of the above 10, Makstil AD runs steel slabs production with EAF steelmaking and continuous casting as well as plates production with Duferco Group as a main partner and major shareholder.

The annual production of Ferrous Scrap in Macedonia is approximately 144,000 tons, or a monthly average of 12,000 tons.

Industries that generate Ferrous Scrap in Macedonia are as follows:

  • Construction: 36,000 tons or 25%
  • Vehicle Servicing: 10,000 tons or 7%.
  • Industrial Facilities: 50,000 tons or 35%
  • Mining: 25,000 tons or 17%
  • Car Scrapyards: 7,000 tons or 5%
  • Individual Scrap Collectors: 16,000.00 tons or 11%

There are 34 Licensed Companies dealing with Scrap:

  • Large: 4
  • Medium: 10
  • Small: 20

WHITESTEPS originally established a fully owned subsidiary in Skopje, operating in the IT and Automation sectors, mainly dealing with public projects. Given the serious turmoil in Macedonia the company stopped operations in 2013.

Given the unstable political situation in Macedonia that caused a sense of uncertainty with regards to the future of the public-private sector relationships, WHITESTEPS SA conducted an extensive market research exploring different business opportunities, as a result of which a decision to proceed with Steel Scrap Trading was made.

To that purpose, WHITESTEPS SA acquired 51% of VASCONI SCRAP Ltd., the largest scrapyard in Skopje. VASCONI SCRAP Ltd. has been granted one of only 5 exclusive contracts to supply Makstil with Ferrous Scrap.

VASKONI SCRAP Ltd import-export Skopje
Registered offices
16th Brigade Macedonian nо. 18,
Gazi Baba,
Trade Reg. no. 6918387,
Tax no. 4043013514823
Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
Tel +3897023755
Director Vasil Gatovski