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Magal Security Systems LTD

Whitesteps SA is authorized by Magal Security Systems Ltd, the most successful Security Systems company in a worldwide basis, to represent and serve as Magal’s Consultant in Greece (Hellenic Republic).

Magal Security Systems is a leading international provider of solutions and products for physical and cyber security, as well as safety and site management. Over the past 50 years, Magal has delivered tailor-made security solutions and turnkey projects to hundreds of satisfied customers in over 100 countries.

Magal Security Systems Ltd. was firstly incorporated in Israel, and was publicly listed in NASDAQ (MAGS). A part of 44% is owned by FIMI, while in addition, there are 12 subsidiaries globally and several representation offices. The company owns more than 45 years of experience and it is installed, as a global operation, in more than 80 countries all around the world.

Magal offers comprehensive integrated solutions for critical sites, managed by Fortis4G – our 4th generation, cutting-edge PSIM+SIEM platform. The solutions leverage our broad portfolio of homegrown Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS), advanced outdoor video surveillance technology and cyber security solutions.

Magal operates in two different divisions and under two different main brands.  Projects and solutions division exist under the Magal brand, which operates as an integrator mainly in developing markets, providing tailor-made solutions to comprehensive and complex turnkey projects. These projects run on countries such as Israel, Spain, Romania, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia and Kenya.

Products divisions under the Senstar brand operate in mainly in North America, EMEA and APAC, more specifically in US, Germany, United Kingdom, Gulf, China, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, and Philippines. These operations are specializing in:

•        Perimeter security with the largest and most diversified portfolio of PIDS technologies and products

•        VMS and IVA

•        Pipeline protection and Leak detection

•        A “one stop shop”

Several main facilities:

•        Israel Corporate HQ and Magal Israel BU

•        Canada, Ottawa & Waterloo PIDS and VMS R&D Centers

•        Waterloo – VMS and IVA R&D center

•        Projects operation in Mexico

•        The rest Mostly Sales and support offices

•        400 employees globally

Magal Security Systems portfolio is divided into several technology domains: Airports, Sea Ports, Oil and Gas, Boarders, Energy and critical Infrastructure, Military Facilities, Prisons, as well as the ‘Safe City’ and the ‘Smart City’.

The Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) Portfolio is a multi-layer system, pending threat analysis, based on the 5 D’s: Demarcation, Deter, Detect, Delay, Defeat

PIDS products are divided into several categories:

Fences and Barriers: Yael (Taut Wire), DTR (Taut Wire), InnoFence (Decorative Smart Fence), MagBar (Robust Smart Grid)

Fence-Mounted Sensors: Barricade (Electro-Mechanical Vibration Sensor), FlexZone (Ranging Microphonic Cable. FiberPatrol (Fiber-Optic Sensor)

Virtual Fences: OmniTrax (Buried Volumetric Sensor), Ultra-Wave (Bistatic Field Detector), X-Field (Volumetric Terrain Following Sensor)

Seismic: PipeGuard (Anti-Digging Sensor), TunnelGuard (Assets Protection)

Verification and Tracking: Long range surveillance during day and night, Mid and Short-range cameras during day and night, Symphony – Video management system and Intelligent video analytics

Gates and Access Control: Gates automation including Bollards, Anti-terror gates etc., Access Control, Biometrics, LPR, Screening Technology and Surveillance Cameras

Cyber: Rubidum – Security Information Event Management (SIEM), Tungsten – Ethernet switch with built-in cyber Security Protection, Gallium PDS – Passive detector and locator of wireless devices

TUNGSTEN – Cyber Protected Outdoor Switch

A Cyber Security Ruggedized Ethernet Switch which is protecting the various communications layers and has automatic mapping of network entities, learning contexts and communicating characteristics. Tungsten has continuous advanced monitoring of Communications and identification of anomalies with an alert or quick automatic response, it detects attacks from information sent (DPI) and uses the latest switching technology. It is a Top of the line switch with the most advanced functionality, Robust hardware design and dual power inputs (wide range)


Useful as a complementary solution for almost any perimeter application

Rail mounted platform, carrying sensors

•        Cameras, Laser radar, IR illumination, intercom, Optional – Tear gas

•        Patrol – autonomous scan, ensuring the perimeter integrity

•        Detection of fence cuts or holes

•        Detection of near-fence suspected objects / people

•        Random Patrol – avoid the Robot movement enemy prediction by performing random patterns

•        Fast response mode – directing the Robot to handle Event


Magal Security Systems Ltd. is offering the lowest total cost of ownership on the market worldwide. It provides up to 300 channels per server with the smallest H/W footprint, and it uses Windows O/S which can run on virtual servers. The video management software uses a centralized cloud management and has a built-in load, in order to balance all servers. The administration through a true web browser eliminates the need to install and maintain a dedicated management application per Symphony version, while it has an easy installation, calibration and maintenance.


Fortis 4G is an advanced, scalable and flexible Command & Control Software. It provides users with real-time data aggregation in order to enhance site managers’ situational awareness and gives Event-driven responses through fully tailored automated workflows. Fortis 4G, as an advanced 3D GIS Engine with advanced integration tools for new applications, has a powerful IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) for prevention, detection and investigation. Rich and precise data distribution to first responders and chain of command.


One of the most remarkable projects of Magal Security Systems Ltd. Was the selection of Senstar to secure NATO’s military camps, which can be rapidly deployed when and where they are needed.

The challenge was to deliver a Rapidly Deployable Electronic Security Systems (‘ESS’), for -500 person- camps and provide passive protection for NATO troop deployments in low threat environments over a wide range of geographies and climatic conditions.

The solution was to deliver a rapidly Senstar proposed ESSs capable of supporting perimeters patrols and detecting and addressing threats as quickly and efficiently as possible.

•        Fence intrusion detection Senstar’s own FlexZone

•        Video surveillance

•        Indoor and outdoor public address

•        Access control

The results

Senstar’s security expertise and knowledge, along with the ability to meet a large number of requirements and aggressive deadlines, made this project a success.


 Magal provides complete life cycle services for integrated security projects including consulting; design; integration; project management and supervision; installation; and maintenance, support and training.


Magal offers a number of robust and innovative in-house developed solutions to meet the unique security requirements of a wide variety of sites.


Magal’s flexible business model enables it to support all levels of the security supply chain:

End users – by delivering turnkey solutions

Tier 1 system integrators and contractors – by delivering the core security solutions

System integrators by supplying perimeter intrusion detection products (PIDS), video management solutions (VMS) and cyber security products


Magal delivers full security solutions for critical sites including airports, borders, critical infrastructure, correctional facilities, energy, safe city, smart city and seaports.

Magal Security Systems is a leading provider of end-to-end, fully integrated security solutions for airports.

Today’s exponential growth of air traffic presents the ever-increasing challenge of instituting and maintaining safe and smart airport security. Preventing potential terror attacks and recognizing threats are crucial to ensuring both a secure facility and an optimal passenger experience. Current security challenges require solutions that are comprehensive and seamless. Magal provides fully integrated, end-to-end smart security solutions for airports, completely customized based on individual airport requirements.

Multi-Layer Security Solutions

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems:

Securing an airport’s perimeter is equally important as terminal security. Magal offers a full range of perimeter intrusion detection (PIDS) products and solutions. All of Magal’s internally developed “smart fence” technologies, as well as any additional third-party system, can be fully integrated into a video management system and command and control platform. Magal sensors detect and locate intrusion attempts with very high probability of detection (Pd) and minimal nuisance and false alarm rates (NAR/FAR). Sensors are designed to detect multiple simultaneous intrusions with disturbances at different locations reported autonomously.

Verification and Tracking

Identifying perimeter breaches is a vital component of any airport security solution. Magal uses human and vehicle detection radars, long and medium range surveillance, as well as thermal, daytime, and PTZ cameras integrated with smart fence technology, to offer the most comprehensive verification and tracking system available.

Inner Layers and Access Control Security

Securing operational areas, hangars and restricted areas is key to maintaining high-level airport safety. Magal offers a multi-faceted approach to protecting sensitive areas by controlling access with License Plate Recognition (LPR), Biometrics, and Face Recognition analytics, as well as physical deterrents such as bollards and anti-terror gates.

Dynamic Command & Control

Magal’s command and control capabilities provide- holistic integration of an airport’s security and operational systems into one comprehensive, high availability platform. Magal’s FORTIS 4G fully integrates video management, advanced debriefing capabilities and video tracking, as well as privilege and access hierarchy, allowing operators and authorized personnel to make effective decisions based on real-time events, recognized threats or identification of suspicious individuals.

Magal Security Systems enables airports to stay ahead of any accelerating and potentially adverse incident, optimize passenger experience and immediately respond to emergencies. Additionally, Magal’s smart airport solutions provide invaluable detection and real-time information, improving performance of queue management, dynamic light control and personnel allocation.