Cabolo is an Artificial Intelligence device that records, transcribes, translates, and archives in real-time. Designed to ensure maximum data protection, it does not require any internet connection, ensuring confidentiality and utmost security.
  • Record directly or through professional microphones and capture every detail of your conversations.
  • Speak freely in any language you want. CABOLO recognises and transcribes 30 languages and translates into 60.
  • Transcripts are fully labelled, indexed, and archived, ready to be re-listened whenever you want.
Adaptable and secure reporting for full and automatic transcripts of interviews, proceedings, and interrogations in courts and tribunals.
  • Perfect audio recording, complete transcription, all synchronised and browsable.

    By clicking on any word in the file, playback starts from the chosen point. In addition, the text search function helps you immediately find the point you want to listen to again.

  • Identification of each speaker.

    The system recognises voice changes, so it automatically assigns the right speaker to your speech. This allows you to distinguish clearly and distinctly who is speaking, which also facilitates the review phase. All this is possible with CABOLO Interview Kit.

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