Whitesteps has been designed to lead ways in writing and developing EU applications in the civil or in the defense/homeland security sector that are relevant to its aim to complete its suit of products, basically its HUMS system named “ALBATROSS” and integrated projects, such as Public and Defense projects that are close to its core competencies.

What sets Whitesteps, apart is its intimate knowledge of the market, specific competencies and registrations that allows it to effectively serve as a Consortium Coordinator or Initiator and Project Manager for different EU projects in different topics. Such topics are related either with the synthesis of novel technologies into new defense/security systems or the development of new approaches that enhance digital Democracy.


As illegal activities across external borders (land and maritime) are a threat to the security of the European Union, better border surveillance capabilities are required to deter and monitor irregular border crossings. These should be interoperable across members states, ranging from the Mediterranean to the Nordic Countries, which have different border surveillance challenges. These should also be scalable, flexible, and relocatable, since the needs along borders shift rapidly in time, with changing and improving threats.

SEAGUARD project aims to address these needs. Situational awareness technologies will play a crucial role in the future of maritime border security by providing real-time information about the maritime environment, including vessel movements, cargo, and potential threats. The SEAGUARD project’s goal is to enhance security within European borders by establishing a combined marine cross-border surveillance system. The model will combine different sensing technological approaches like drones, fixed buoys, and (SMART) submarine cables in monitoring and detecting diverse threats for instance illegal migratory movements, drug trafficking, illegal fishing, and terrorist attacks. The undertaking will give live data and situational knowledge to boundary agents and authorities for cross-border threats, thus increasing their ability to recognize and respond to dangers from air, ground, or water.

Whitesteps was the initiator of the idea, is the leader on work packages concerning the Exploitation and Dissemination of the project and one of the main designers of the architecture of the final OEM agnostic system.


Exploit4InnoMat is a Horizon Europe funded research and innovation project with a duration of four years. Its primary objective is to provide a sustainable solution for designing, upscaling, and validating new material concepts for the building envelope, with the aim of achieving the European Commission’s target for nearly Zero Energy Buildings ( nZEB ).

The project offers a range of services across the supply chain of materials, from installation to validation and assessment scenarios for end of life products. Eight Pilot Lines located in seven EU countries will be used to process different types of advanced and/or nano enabled multifunctional materials.

Uni Systems is the coordinator of the project, managing its
progress, and contributing to the demonstration activities of the Exploit4InnoMat products. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe 2023 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101092339.