iStorage is the trusted global leader of PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted data storage devices, that include: USB flash drives, HDD and SSD formats and cloud encryption devices.

We deliver the most innovative products to securely store and protect data to highest specified encryption levels, safeguarding your valuable business information whilst ensuring compliance to regulations and directives.

Whitesteps S.A represents MER Group, providing access to their world-leading integration solutions for communications and security. Our offerings include:

In-Building HLS Communications, which deploy smart communications systems with no single point of failure for enhanced reliability.

Cellbox, a compact LTE Network-in-a-Box (NIB) that enables fully-independent, high-speed broadband communications. Designed as an advanced tactical communications solution, CellBOX is lightweight and easily deployable, creating a secure network within seconds.


Whitesteps Technologies partners with Marom Dolphin, a global leader in the development and production of high quality military gear for armed forces, police units, security services, and civilians worldwide. Our offerings include:

The Fusion System, a revolutionary unified carrying system for attaching a vest and a backpack for maximum comfort and ergonomics.

The Micro Fusion System, a Tactical Modular Plate Carrier vest mainly for military or police use.

The Wild Goose Robotic System, an innovative, electric powered robotic system that provides full combat effectiveness and mobility on the battlefield while carrying heavy loads over any terrain.

The Marom X Tactical Camera, a revolutionary camera tailored for Tactical Operators.

The Sky Snapper, an Operational Enabler Automatic self homing and connecting device that acts as an operational enabler.

Mini N Seas, a mechanic adjustment Arm for NVG Mount.